Parent Support & Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy at Ikann Wellness is a transformative experience that fosters understanding, healing, and growth within familial relationships. We offer therapeutic services for the entire family unit.



Our skilled therapists provide a safe and supportive space where families can communicate openly, navigate challenges, and build stronger connections

Jewish Recovery Center - Parent Support

Parent Support Groups


At Ikann Wellness, we recognize the crucial role that parents play in the healing journey of their loved ones. That’s why we offer dedicated parent support groups, providing a safe space for parents to connect, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from one another.


Our parent support groups foster a community of understanding and empowerment, ensuring that families receive comprehensive support throughout the healing process.

Individual Therapy & Coaching for Parents

At Ikann Wellness, we recognize that the well-being of individuals extends to the entire family unit. Our individual therapy and coaching services for parents provide a dedicated space to address personal challenges, promote self-care, and enhance parenting skills.


We believe that by nurturing parents’ emotional and mental health, we contribute to a harmonious family dynamic and overall wellness.

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