Our Team

At I-kann Wellness, we are proud to have a skilled and compassionate team of practitioners who are dedicated to supporting individuals on their healing journey.



Our team is committed to providing the highest level of care and support to help individuals reclaim their lives and find renewed hope and purpose.

Our Team

Sarah Ruza, IMFT, Certified Coach

Founder/Program Director

Sarah recieved her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Touro University.

After graduating, Sarah founded Yacholet Ikann, a non-profit organization, that raises funds to help young Jewish women who have experienced trauma or face mental health struggles. 


Sarah started Ikann Wellness as a therapeutic space where young women could feel heard, be supported, and become empowered! Sarah helps clients connect the importance of somatic awareness and the connection between the mind-body experience when it comes to navigating trauma along with our regular daily struggles. She has a strong emphasis on hypnotherapy, the use of mantras, and spiritual connection.


Sarah utilizes multiple modalities in her work as a solution focused integrative practioner and prioritizes therapies that bring about centering, grounding, and self actualization. All this serves to help the clients at Ikann Wellness in working on the root of their traumas as they begin to navigate their paths to a healthy, productive future.

Arlene Brett Gordon, Ph.D., LMFT

Clinical Director

Arlene Brett Gordon, Ph.D. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida, Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Family Therapists (AAMFT), and a state and AAMFT Approved Supervisor.
Arlene met Insoo Kim Berg, the cofounder of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in 1992 and has actively practiced SFBT since 1993. Arlene worked closely with Insoo Kim Berg on social service projects in the South Florida Tri-county area until Insoo’s passing in 2007. Arlene is an active presenter in the tri-county area, as well as nationally and internationally.
From 2006-2022, Arlene was a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Therapy and the director of the Brief Therapy Institute (BTI), Department of Family Therapy (DFT)/Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University. BTI houses both the Family Therapy Clinic and the Medical Family Therapy Clinic in the Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Dr. Gordon retired from NSU in 2022 to join a private practice in North Miami Beach and to support the development of social services programs. She continues to provide SFBT therapy, supervision, and trainings. In October 2023, Arlene joined the team at I-Kann Wellness in the position of Clinical Director.

Atara Raab, LMFT

Atara has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Touro University and holds a license in Florida.  She is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective care to individuals and families seeking support for mental health challenges.


Atara’s goal is to help clients identify their strengths and build resilience, supporting them in their journey towards improved well-being.


Additionally, Atara works closely with parents and family members, recognizing the integral role they play in the recovery and healing process. She offers guidance and support to families, fostering healthy communication and understanding to create a supportive environment for the client’s therapeutic journey. With her expertise and compassionate approach, Atara is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves.

Yocheved Gotkin, LCSW

Yocheved’s goal is to help clients achieve wellness and balance by breaking through limiting and negative beliefs about themselves. She works adults with mental health challenges, early childhood/life traumas, and general life stressors. She believes we can all shift, change, and grow to become the best versions of ourselves.
Yocheved uses a person centered approach, EMDR, mindfulness, principles from IFS, and explores unhealthy attachment and relationships. She is certified in CBT, trained in NET, and certified through IPI (Integrative Psychiatry Institute) on the use of pychedelic assisted therapy for the treatment of trauma, depression, and other mental health disorders.
It is her passion to help her clients achieve their personal goals, empower themselves, improve significant relationships, and spread their wings to fly beyond what they thought was possible.

Mia Baldioceda, M.S.

Mia holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova  Southeastern University. She has extensive experience working at residential treatment centers, providing specialized care for individuals with co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders. Mia’s expertise extends to family therapy, where she has honed her skills through her work in a private practice, recognizing the significant impact of family dynamics on overall well-being.


In her therapeutic practice, Mia incorporates various modalities to best serve her clients. Utilizing attachment theory, inner child work, solution-focused therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and somatic modalities, Mia tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of each individual and family. 


Beyond her professional pursuits, Mia has a passion for dancing and creative expression, recognizing the power of these outlets as vehicles for self-expression and personal growth. Her dedication to helping others, coupled with her enthusiasm for the arts, creates a nurturing and empowering environment for clients to explore their emotions and achieve transformative healing.

Yosefa Fain-Counsilor, B.F.A

Yosefa (Jennifer Fain) is a highly regarded wellness guru, yoga and dance teacher in the vibrant South Florida community. With a profound commitment to healing and inspiring others, Yosefa has become a sought-after figure in the field of holistic well-being.

Yosefa’s journey in wellness began with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from the University of Central Florida. Her unwavering dedication is rooted in her belief in improving the abilities and overall health of individuals.


Yosefa fosters a deep connection to the body, allowing her clients to activate their innate healing processes. Whether guiding her students through a rejuvenating stretch on the studio floor or providing a transformative table massage, Yosefa’s treatments are unparalleled. By blending her expertise in movement, wellness, and therapy, Yosefa aims to guide individuals and families towards emotional well-being and harmonious relationships.


Some of the various titles Yosefa holds include: Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Thai Massage Bodyworker, Certified Barre Instructor, Somatic Dance Teacher, and Certified Level 1 Gyorotonic© Instructor.

Linda N Ruza, MSW, CAP

Linda has 30+ years experience counseling, coaching individuals and facilitating groups in the fields of addiction, mental health , co-occurring disorders, women’s issues and trauma. 


She is involved in the Jewish Recovery community and serves on the boards of organizations addressing community issues related to her field of expertise.

Laura Cugno, EXA-CE

Laura is a dedicated expressive arts coach and educator with a specialization in trauma-informed art therapy. She incorporates integrative methods and the latest research in expressive arts and trauma-informed care to complement traditional trauma interventions with mind-body, somatic, and sensory integration techniques.


Laura’s personal journey following an attack in 2013 led her to discover the profound transformative power of art, and she firmly believes in its ability to facilitate healing.


Currently serving as a resident artist at the esteemed MASS (Music and Art South of Sunrise) District, Laura actively recognizes the therapeutic potential of art in processing trauma and cultivating a profound mind-body connection. Her primary objective is to provide unwavering support for mental health and overall well-being through her work.

Claudia Urrutia

Certified Yoga Instructor

Claudia is a passionate yoga instructor with extensive experience in the United States and abroad. She completed her 500HR yoga teacher training at Bali Yoga School, where she deepened her understanding of yoga philosophy and practice.


Claudia is dedicated to sharing the joy of yoga and motivating her students on their quest for fitness and wellness. She implements sound healing in her classes, using specialized frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. Claudia is committed to educating her students, improving their wellness, and helping them ground themselves to a relaxed state.


With her expertise and warm approach, Claudia strives to connect with her students and provide a safe and nurturing environment for their growth. She believes in the transformative power of yoga and aims to guide her students in achieving their goals and finding relaxation amidst their busy lives. Claudia’s passion for yoga and her commitment to holistic well-being make her an inspiring and compassionate instructor.

Sarah Dorsky, MSW

Sarah received her master’s degree in social work from Long Island University in 2014. With a background in residential treatment centers, detox centers, and two years of experience at Ikann Wellness, Sarah specializes in addiction and mental health. She incorporates evidence-based modalities such as CBT and motivational interviewing into her therapeutic approach. Sarah strongly believes in seeing individuals for who they are, rather than defining them by their struggles. Her focus is on recognizing clients’ strengths and empowering them to feel valued, fostering a sense of personal growth and resilience.
With empathy and understanding, Sarah strives to make a positive impact in the lives of her clients. Sarah’s goal is to help clients reclaim their lives and rediscover their potential for growth. By fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, she encourages clients to recognize their strengths, fostering a sense of empowerment and enhancing their overall well-being.

Chana Nissel, IMFT

Chana is a Marriage and Family therapist with over 15 years of experience servicing her communities in Jerusalem, New York, and South Florida. She uses a holistic approach specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction.


Through the use of various modalities such as somatic therapy, DBT, meditation and yoga, Chana facilitates a healing environment for her clients in both group and individual therapy. Chana is credentialed as an Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor as well as a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Chana "CB" Eisner, MSW

Chana Eisner, also known as CB, holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Barry University. She specializes in Sex Therapy and addresses complex trauma-related mental health challenges. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology and certification in Addiction Treatment.


Chana’s therapeutic approach, deeply rooted in empathy, unconditional acceptance, and hope, adopts a humanistic and person-centered methodology, utilizing experiential methods to engage her clients. She applies a range of interventions, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal Theory, and Attachment Theory, to meet the unique needs of each individual. She is also trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and the Flash technique.


Chana brings a dynamic and innovative perspective to her practice. She is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and empowering therapeutic environment where clients feel comfortable expressing themselves openly and without fear of judgment.

Chana’s primary goal is to guide her clients towards a healthier, more fulfilling life, empowering them to overcome challenges and embrace their true selves with confidence and resilience.

Rabbi Yoel Caroline,  PMFT, PAP, & Certified Life Coach

Rabbi Yoel, as he is affectionately known, has been a Chabad shliach and community rabbi in South Florida for 30 years. In the realm of mental and emotional wellbeing, he initially earned certification as a life coach and later pursued advanced training as a marriage and family therapist at Nova Southeastern University. His expertise extends to specialized training from the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, focusing on substance and process addictions, including sex addiction, partner trauma, and work-related/money addictions like gambling. Rabbi Yoel’s approach centers on the belief that the antidote to addiction is connection, leading him to collaboratively explore underlying core beliefs, trauma, and individual factors with his clients.


In the domain of mindfulness, meditation, and guided visualization, Rabbi Yoel completed additional training with IITAP in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. His commitment to a holistic approach is evident in multiple trainings emphasizing Jewish, Torah-based, and Chassidus-based mindfulness and meditation. Rabbi Yoel creatively integrates these diverse treatments into his unique modality, aiming to restore the homeostasis of mind, body, and soul.


Complementing his rich skill set, Rabbi Yoel draws on his extensive training and experience in somatic healing, collaborative practice, psychodrama, group therapy, play therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, memory reconsolidation, EFT and Attachment Theory, ADHD, coaching, DBT, suicide prevention, equine therapy, Gottman Marriage Therapy, and collaborative divorce. Rabbi Yoel’s goal is to join his clients on the journey to healing from within to free each and every one to be the person that they really want to be and to share their beautiful inner self with the world.